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Richard North



Richard came to photography a bit later than most, after first dabbling with digital photography in the early 2000s he didn't really get started until late 2012, but he hasn't looked back since.

Having dabble around the edges for a few months, Richard was inspired by Tim and Sally North to take charge of the camera and to make it do what he wanted rather than living with factory pre-set modes. It was at this point that Richard found a real passion for taking the camera out and to crafting great pictures.

Having a background and day job in computing, Richard tends to be a bit of a geek when it comes to his tools and toys, camera kit is no exception. Shooting Canon at present, he continues to learn every time he take his EOS 60D out on a shoot. The EOS 60D and a number of mid range general purpose and specialist lens is currently providing him with the versatility needed to learn the craft effectively and still create great pictures. Currently exploring the joys available from the vast range of filters and other accessories on offer, he continues to develop his own style and techniques across the range of photographic genres.

While Richard doesn't have a preference for any particular genre of photography and is keen to take every opportunity that presents itself to make as good a picture as possible and at the same time to feed his desire to learn more about photography, he is hoping his photography is starting to connect with people through the image's emotion and the narrative invoked.

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